The European Commission investigates whether Apple, Alphabet and Meta comply with the new EU antitrust law

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Brussels intends to conclude the investigation within 12 months, and if its suspicions are confirmed it could impose fines of 10% or 20% of its global turnover on technology companies.

The European Commission has opened an investigation into Apple, Alphabet (parent company of Google) and Goal (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) because it suspects that they are not complying with the digital markets law, the new antitrust rule with which Brussels wants to control the market power of the large platforms.

Specifically, he believes that Apple and Alphabet have not taken effective measures to allow mobile application developers to communicate freely with their customers to offer them offers outside of the app stores of these two companies (the App Store and Google Play) and without having to pay them a fee .

Also consider that Alphabet continues to prioritize its own search services on Google’s search engine over those of the competition, for example, on ‘Google Shopping’, ‘Google Flights’ and ‘Google Hotels’.

The Commission also doubts that the changes it has introduced Manzana To comply with regulations, they allow users to easily uninstall the mobile applications that the company installs by default on their devices to be able to search for alternatives, for example, to the Safari browser.

As to GoalBrussels is investigating the payment alternative that it has given to its clients who do not want the company to combine their personal data between its different platforms, since it believes that it is not offering them a real alternative to guarantee their privacy.

Brussels intends to conclude the investigation within 12 months. If after completing the investigation their suspicions are confirmed, Brussels will explain to them what measures they must take or what the Commission itself will take, which could mean a fine of 10% of their global turnover or 20% if they repeatedly violate the regulations.

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