Brussels gives Meta and Tik Tok a week to clarify their measures against disinformation about the war

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As it did with X last week, the European Commission has asked both technology companies to specify their policies to prevent the spread of fake news in the context of the digital services law.

The European Commission (EC) has sent formal requirements to the technology companies Meta and Tik Tok to clarify what type of measures they have put in place to avoid misinformation about the Middle East war on their social networks. Both have a deadline until October 25.

The digital services law, in force since August, obliges platforms and search engines to eliminate illegal content and combat false information on the Internet. In this context, Brussels has already sent a requirement similar to (formerly Twitter) last week.

According to the EC in a statement, once the information is received, it will be analyzed. Brussels warns that, according to the data provided, could open a formal investigation about.

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