Meta, owner of Instagram and WhatsApp, launches Threads to compete with Twitter on July 6, 2023

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The president of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, has assured that in the first seven hours after its launch there have been 10 million downloads. At the moment it is not available in the European Union or for Android phones.

The technology giant Goalowner of applications such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, launched its instant messaging application this Thursday Threads(threads, in English) with which wants to compete with Twitterand which, for the moment, will not be available in European Union (EU) countries, apparently due to difficulties with EU data protection laws, or on Android phones.

The launch of the new social network occurred at 23:00 GMT this Wednesday, earlier than previously announced. The platform had been in development for some time but Zuckerberg’s team has accelerated its launch in response to the restrictions announced by Twitter to the number of readings of daily messages and open content.

Precisely, Zuckerberg himself has announced that in the first seven hours after its launch there have been 10 million downloads by Threads.

According to its creators, it is an application where “communities come together to discuss everything, from the topics that interest you today to what will be trending tomorrow”, so ideas, opinions and creativity can be shared through publications of text. Likewise, it allows users to follow and connect directly with their favorite creators, as well as with other users with whom they share tastes.

Threads has an interface very similar to that of Twitter and its operation is also the same. Although Threads is a completely independent platform, it is related to instagram. So much so, that to navigate through it, the same user account as in said social network is used. In fact, the same username and profile photo are used. Based on this, Threads has an option that allows users to automatically follow the same accounts that they previously followed on Instagram.

On the other hand, another of the characteristics of Threads is that it is an open space that can be connected to other decentralized social networks like Mastodon, since it will integrate the ActivityPub protocol, although not at the time of its launch.

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