Everything that Apple presented in its Wanderlust Keynote

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Consumer Technology

Consumer technology

Eva Rodríguez | Xataka

This time in the Consumer Technology section of Ganbara Eva Rodríguez (Xataka) tells us all the news from Apple.

For a few years now, technology lovers have had an appointment in Cupertino on a Tuesday in September with the launch of the new iPhone and many other surprises that Apple is preparing at its most important event of the year. And I’m talking about surprises because in this edition there were, and one that is unusual in these times: Apple lowers its prices. It is not the only important novelty.

I’m not going to deceive you, Apple remains a premium brand And in this sense, almost all we are going to see are high-end devices with what that entails, but in this time of inflation and continuous rise in prices, the fact that a brand is committed to lowering them is news.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus

We start with the most modest models, which inherit functions from the Pros of previous generations. One of the most interesting is the dynamic island, that kind of small extra screen within the screen with personalized notifications. In terms of processor, they make the leap to the Apple A16 Bionic, the one found in last year’s most premium models and a beast in any case for any task. The third big change is that the main camera will be 48 MP, four times more than its predecessor.

And the icing on the cake, a novelty almost “mandated” by European law but which we also welcome with open arms: the USB-C port, leaving behind the brand’s characteristic Lightning, or in other words, which will no longer do We need to order a special cable, because from now on we can charge any phone, tablet, computer… with the same cable.

Finally, it should be noted that the difference between the iPhone 15 and the 15 Plus is that the latter has a larger screen, 6.7 inches compared to the 6.1 inch screen of the iPhone 15, and therefore, space for a larger battery. Or what is the same: opting for the Plus is going for a model with a larger screen and battery.

Starting prices: 959 euros and 1,109 euros, 50 euros less than last year in both cases.

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

They are the best in the house. As with the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, the differences between them are the size of the screen and the battery, but with the Pro Max they have also included a slightly better 5x zoom.

Among the best new features of the 15 Pro is the change in material, leaving behind aluminum for titanium, which is lighter, more resistant and dissipates heat better. In addition, it has smaller edges and an “action” button that basically consists of changing the usual volume button that will allow customization so you can do more tasks. You will see how in the coming months we see people in cinemas and theaters who get confused when it comes to putting the phone on silent.

We finish off with a brilliant screen, the enormous power of the A17 Bionic chip that claims to be 16 times more powerful than the A16 that the previous generation and the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus had, and a renewed camera system with larger sensors. And as in the previous case, it also changes the port to adopt the universal USB-C, which in this case will have the highest data transfer speed in the house, up to 10 Gbps.

Base prices: the iPhone 15 Pro starts at 1,219 euros and the Pro Max starts at 1,469 euros. Yes, they are not cheap phones, but it is already a reality: in the high range they are no longer the most expensive. There is a lot of talk about Apple as a status symbol and the brand does not seem to have weakened its weight at an aspirational level, but as a fact, there are already more expensive Xiaomis than the best iPhone, since the Xiaomi 13 Ultra has a RRP of 1499 euros .

The iPhone 15 pro

Why lower iPhone prices?

A little context. After five years of maintaining prices, last year Apple considerably raised the price of its phones.

Thus, the iPhone 13 Pro presented in 2021 started at 1,159 euros, the iPhone 12 Pro of 2022 rose to 1,319 euros, that is, it rose 160 euros and the reasons for this rise were two: inflation on the one hand and on the other , the devaluation of the euro against the dollar, which reached 1 to 1. For inflation there is no turning back, but since then the euro has recovered against the US currency. Result? The new iPhone 15 Pro has a starting price of 1,219 euros.

They touch watches: Apple Watch SE (2023), Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple has also renewed all its watches and following the trend of phones, there has also been a certain price reduction.

We start with its standard smart watch, the Apple Watch Series 9 and here I tell you what a stingy renewal: identical design and just the right and necessary update inside. Come on, from the Apple Silicon S8 chip they move on to the Silicon S9, which offers better performance, lower battery consumption and the novelty of the double touch function, which is basically answering a call by pinching the screen. The other big news is that its screen takes the leap to 2,000 nits of brightness.

The good thing is that its price drops 50 euros compared to its predecessor, that is, 449 euros. My opinion? An improvement so little that, if you have the previous generation watch, it is definitely not worth it. In fact, I would only consider the change if you have an Apple Watch that is outdated or the battery has deteriorated too much and you need to renew it.

Now, I also tell you to think twice if you need the standard Apple smartwatch or perhaps the Apple Watch SE is enough, which basically only reduces the fact that the screen is 1 mm smaller and shines less, it lacks temperature sensors , amount of oxygen and electrocardiograms and slower charging, but it is noticeably cheaper.

Because Apple has also renewed its Apple Watch SE and now it’s even sweeter. It maintains the main features of the Apple Watch, including activity tracking, high and low heart rate notifications, period cycle monitoring, fall and accident detection, SOS emergency system, GPS and optional mobile connection. But everything I just said was already in the Apple Watch SE from the previous year, what’s new about it? The price: drops 20 or 30 euros depending on the model you choose and now starts at 279 euros.

We close with the beast, the Apple Watch Ultra, the watch designed for the most sporty people in its second generation, arrives with “double touch” like the Apple Watch Series 9 and reaches a spectacular level of brightness of 3,000 nits to see well in outdoor activities. outdoors with great light, such as in the snow. In addition, it promises 36 hours of battery life, modular covers, dual-frequency GPS and new straps. Its price starts at 899 euros, 100 euros less than the previous generation.

In any case, it is a smartwatch with a considerable price and it is quite difficult to justify its purchase among athletes beyond whim, more than anything because there are brands like Garmin or Suunto that have a long history, very careful platforms full of metrics for high performance and cost a few hundred euros less.

As a final touch to the product introductions, the refreshed AirPods Pro, which are basically a reissue of Apple’s second-generation in-ear headphones now have a USB-C charging case. These devices, like the iPhone, had a Lightning connector, but the company has decided to take the step and, finally, abandon it.

As usual, in addition to hardware, Apple showed the world its next operating system, iOS 17, which, as with the rest of the devices that I have been listing, will be released on September 22. I can already tell you that the new features are more aesthetic and minor, with changes in the calling interface, contact cards with emojis of our contacts, improvements in keyboard correction, Stand By mode, warnings when we get too close to the screen , the phone recognizes your pet in photos (something it previously did only with people), warnings about important weather changes… and most importantly: as is the hallmark of each update, it integrates security improvements, so Better to install it on our iPhone when it comes out. When we test it, we will talk about performance and battery consumption.

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