Euskal Encounter 31 will once again turn the BEC into a great digital community

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Between July 22 and 25, attendees will be able to enjoy more than 30 workshops and conferences, as well as other recreational activities.

The Euskal Encounter 31 will once again fill the BEC with fans of new technologies, who will turn the venue into a large digital community for four days. During these 96 hours they will develop more than 150 activities of all kinds, including training actions, solidarity initiatives and competitions between attendees. This is the main state meeting of its kind in terms of size, number of participants and seniority, and it will be held this year. between July 22 and 25.

In the more than 30 workshops and conferences Programmed sessions will address issues related to current technology, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cybersecurity or the video game sector. All of them will be free to access for anyone interested.

The Euskal Encounter will once again have its longest-running sections, such as digital creativity, hardware, free software, games and the other activities area, which brings together the most recreational programming.

People attending Euskal Encounter 31 will have the option to participate in the digital creativity competitions, in dozens of video game tournaments or in free software tests. Another of the most striking moments of the event will be the cosplay contests; Runway and Contest. Both will take place this Saturday afternoon. Furthermore, in this edition, the IT party will once again have a area of streamingaimed especially at content creators.

At Opengune, where companies in the IT sector will present their products, a space for Basque Blood Donorsto seek the collaboration of the most supportive participants and visitors.

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